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Contact Address: Web8 | AT | von-Oheimb DOT de
Move your mouse pointer over the above encoding to get the actual email address.

For confidential content, you may use my public key for PGP (GnuPG) or my X.509 certificate for S/MIME.

Note: The above is a volatile email address that is intended to initiate genuine personal communication only. Users of this address will receive my protected actual address at my discretion.

Spamming is an offense which I do not tolerate. Caching this (temporary) address in a spammer's database is useless because it will be changed (and future mailing will be blocked) as soon as I receive any spam/scam email via this address.

I will not answer requests for links to commercial websites.

Please do not send me documents in proprietary formats (e.g., Microsoft Word.doc).

Unless stated otherwise, photos are © David von Oheimb.

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